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Woke up in pain around 4. The headache is almost certainly tied to reduced caloric intake, which in turn is due to Passover; it's the one time of the year that I try to follow the dietary laws, at least in spirit. {Drinks water as I write this.} The muscle pain in my left shoulder/neck, I have absolutely no idea what happened there. No recent injury or activity which would explain it. Took two Aleve; hope that works. Particularly poor timing, as I'm scheduled to leave in three hours to rent a truck with some friends and move a buncha my cr*p out of storage from both Willow Grove and Freemansburg up here to Scranton. The theory is that I'll be able to pare things down more quickly if I can actually get to said cr*p more easily. I'm sure I don't need 99% of it.

Unrelated to any of that, here's the conundrum: You'll recall that I recently decided to ramp down my day-job to half-time so I could devote at least 20 hours a week to AboutTh.is. And if you have a really good memory, you might recall that I had mentioned way back in June my "desire to migrate to a training position if I do end up staying with the firm for a few years".

So... I had my annual review yesterday, with my 2012 boss, the same one who had encouraged me in that June discussion to take a very-short-term training/leadership role, (which only took nine months to actually materialize). The review went precisely as expected for both of us, i.e., lightning-fast, which gave us more time to discuss company matters in general. At the end of our talk, he disclosed that a full-time training position had suddenly opened up, (which is pretty rare here), and he strongly encouraged me to apply. Later, my current boss filled in a few more details, (the well-respected trainer had to take care of some family issues), and agreed that it would be a very good fit.

I'm going to apply, but... I'm pretty torn over the prospect of actually landing the job, as taking it would pull me even further away from AboutTh.is. {sigh}

Echoing in my head is the Synagogue.VI Rabbi's association of addiction with slavery when we went to Shabbat ha'Gadol (pre-Passover) services in St. Thomas. He was presumably directing the comment mostly toward physical addictions, but for me, I'm finding that my own addiction is traditional employment, which is proving harder and harder to shake as the day-job relationship builds. :-(

And... happy 71st birthday, Cat Lady! :-)
Tags: cat lady, health, judaism, mtat, scranton, teaching, tech support, travel
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