David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Spring has sprung

We still had some snowfall as late as April 2. Yesterday, Spring suddenly sprang. Today, I got out of work two hours early, got some special cat litter, ('cuz Alpo's been having issues again), and then took Cat Lady out for dinner. Our local Italian place had put out tables on their patio, so we ate outside in the gorgeous weather. I had honestly forgotten to plan for it hours after I had fetched the orbital prediction earlier this afternoon, but just as we pulled in back home, I suddenly realized that the ISS was due for another pass, this time right overhead, much closer, much brighter (mag. -3.1) and for much longer. Sure enough, just as we walked out to the back to look, it appeared from behind some clouds in the southwest and screamed across the entire sky for a few minutes. Romantic, even if it is man-made. :-)

(Image source: http://Heavens-Above.com )
Tags: alpo, cat lady, scranton, space, weather
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