David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Stuff's gettin' real

Nearing the end of 12 consecutive days at the Upstairs Call Center. This time, it was another training/management opportunity on my two "off" days. Due to the nature of the work my team was doing, calls lasted much longer than the last time I did this, and so a lot of the day turned out to resemble multiple chess games with multiple partners, keeping track of several pairs of agents and customers simultaneously, as I hopped around our section of the floor, helping to orchestrate and guide the calls. A good experience, very challenging.

There's never going to be a perfect time to do this, so I simply decided on June 1 as a transition date to start working half-time at the day-job. (Beginning of a bi-weekly pay period there, in addition to being the first of the month.) I'm scheduling out all of my various accumulated vacation and other benefit time, taking off roughly four hours a day for about a month, so that I'll be earning full-time pay (and then some) for half-time work for most of May. It's turning out to be a very convoluted schedule, as there are a lot of factors that need to be considered, but it should be do-able. Not sure if I mentioned that I met with HR to review how benefits will change; I now have exact numbers for things like health insurance premiums. My boss knows what's going on, which eases the stress a bit, but I told him that I'm waiting for the annual raise to take effect before I give formal notice. Of course, I'm still assuming that management will accept my application to work half-time at all. Oh, and I am going to start a "tiny" business to bring in a few hundred a month to bridge any gap between half-time income and expenses while I spend most of my focus on AboutTh.is; the idea is to outsource most of the work so it doesn't consume too much of my time. Obviously, there are potential risks in that plan.
Tags: mtat, outsourcing, sak, teaching, tech support
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