David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

More preparation

I'll be able to keep a lot of my benefits from work, some with higher premiums, of course, but still, a reasonable tradeoff. Dental insurance will be going away, so I saw the dentist today. Essentially zero issues there, so, yay.

When my kids' eldest cousin was around four, my ex and her sister were trying to convince him to go to sleep on a toddler bed which used the same mattress from the younger one's crib. He put up an enormous protest hinging on that very point as his argument, that the mattress was for babies, and the adults were trying to use all sorts of grown-up logic to squelch the tantrum. When it was my turn, I went over to him, got down on the ground, and said, "Y'know, you're absolutely right! This is a baby bed! I'm so sorry; we completely forgot to convert it for you." And with that, I made some "adjustments" to all of the screws, flipped the mattress over with a huge noise, and then declared: "OK... Now! Now it's a big-boy bed!" At which, the boy smiled and went straight to bed.

A friend of Cat Lady had suggested that my desk would work better if it was swapped with the elliptical, and I agreed. There's more apparent space in the room now, because the elliptical is now aligned straight with the walls, rather than having to be on a slight angle. So now I face south in my "new" seat, ready for my big-boy role as entrepreneur. :-)
Tags: cat lady, health, mtat, tech support
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