David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Cat and Car

We took Alpo for grooming. He did better than we'd expected.

We took the CRX for inspection. The one shop did what they could, and $300 later, sent me to a body shop to take care of the bottom that had rotted out. Shop #2 said that it'd be over a thousand (more) to repair the car to the point where it'd pass inspection. (My first CRX hit an almost identical fate.) So, time for a decision. I could pay for repair. I could call it a day and get a replacement car. I spoke with Cat Lady, and she's open to a third option: I'll just borrow her car for a while, so as to avoid either major expense. One reason she's agreeable is because my day-job will be down to four hours per day in about two weeks, and for the few times that she'd need the car during that time, she could just drive me to work.
Tags: alpo, cat lady, crx, tech support
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