David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Car vs. Wall

Quite a bit of excitement this evening, thanks to a driver who failed to negotiate a straight line. Surprisingly, he only suffered very minor injuries, and no one else was hurt, but his car and Cat Lady's property wall were both totaled. Police are leaning more toward mechanical failure, rather than intoxication.

Cat Lady's mailbox tends to get hit quite a bit, and a long while back, a friend had suggested planting it in a bucket of concrete. The solution had proven quite elegant, making recoveries rather trivial. About a week ago, she'd decided to replace the mailbox, as it'd gotten rather beat up over time, but then changed her mind, since it was still functional. She was going to cancel the transaction at Walmart this afternoon, but then got sidetracked, and so her original purchase is still sitting there, awaiting pickup. As her original mailbox may now no longer be viable, she may very well change her mind again. :-)

I'd have posted this earlier, except it turned out to be more difficult than expected to find out how to strip GPS data from a photo. Since current versions of Windows let you do this directly (without additional software), I had to hunt a bit before I found Metanull.

Tags: cat lady, computer, map
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