David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

St. Thomas, redux

Apparently, that was not all. When I wrote that, I hadn't realized that we had just had the third-shortest (27 min.) partial lunar eclipse of this century, although not visible in North America. Also, when I saw on a star chart that Saturn was (visually) very close to the moon, I went outside to try to see it. When I blocked out the moon with my hand, I think I saw it, but it was really difficult to tell for sure.

Source: EarthSky / Jean-Baptiste Feldmann

Wednesday was an absolute whirlwind of meetings at my day-job. First with my boss, to take care of the paperwork with my upcoming benefit time scheduling. He said he'd have to pass along my plans to go half-time, which I said was fine, and he agreed to wait the few hours until the rest of the day's meetings were done. He also gave me a head's up about what to expect.

Then our team had training on some upcoming changes. On the surface, these appear to just involve swapping some software and websites (which I've been quietly testing for management in recent weeks), but there are some dramatic culture shifts afoot. Responsibility will be shifting as far as which teams handle which events, with the overall intent of responding to customer needs even more quickly than before.

Before the training, a VP came out to summarize to the audience my recent incentive award trip to St. Thomas. They projected on the screen a huge picture of me with some of the executives as they had presented the award on the trip. The VP handed me the actual trophy, explaining to the group that what was shown in the picture was a prop, as management had found out that the fees and tariffs to send all of them down to St. Thomas and back again would've ended up being in the low five figures. He then asked me to give a extemporaneous talk about the whole experience, which I managed to do quite well. A cake mentioning me was also distributed, but I never got to actually see it before it was devoured. :-)

Then came a completely unrelated brief incentive luncheon with a different set of managers.

The big meeting of the day was with two VP's who had wanted to review with me the ongoing progress on a whole bunch of initiatives that had been launched as a direct result of my two-hour presentation to the CEO in St. Thomas. Many different teams are involved with all of this; there are a lot of moving parts.

I was sent home early, based solely on inbound call volume and entirely unrelated to any of the above.

Somewhere amongst all of this, I had a few very long calls, and so I probably only spoke to less than ten actual customers in the whole day; our normal goal is closer to 40 or 50.
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