David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Twenty hours a week

Midnight. Deep breath. This is it.

Today is the first day of roughly five weeks where I'll be working half-time at my day-job, (more-or-less), while using up a bunch of various benefit time so that I'll still have a full-time income, (give or take). I'm committing to spending at least twenty hours a week working for myself, whether through education and investment, or on a "small" business to generate an extra cash stream, or on the primary venture: AboutTh.is.

These five weeks will serve as a form of "practice" to get more comfortable with the working arrangement and personal shift in perspective. (Cat Lady is also nervous, but she's been through this before as well, where her second husband went from nothing to very successfully self-employed.) I'll be giving notice at work today of my intention to transition to half-time effective June 1, and, while I certainly hope it won't be necessary, I'm also not burning any bridges that would prevent a return back to full-time in the future. So far, my employer has made it quite clear that they love me. :-)

As before, I'll be using this blog to both document my journey, as well as to maintain positive energy for my own encouragement.

Task number one is to replace this ancient wreck of a computer with the one that I've procrastinated half a year on actually buying. I don't really need to change any peripherals just yet; those can get upgraded over time. The important thing right now is productivity.
Tags: blog, cat lady, computer, mtat, sak, tech support
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