David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff


Hrm; my blog doesn't appear to be as well-indexed by Google as it used to be. Annoying. Oh, well.

sponsorsI commissioned Chris Yuwono to assemble for my http://SafeAmericanKids.com project an animation of past sponsors, and, as usual, he produced great work (right). :-)

It took a week, but my day-job eventually did formally accept my transition proposal, so the June 1 date for half-time is now official. Unrelated, they pulled me into a meeting with Marketing yesterday to help review the performance of one of their vendors.

About 5am yesterday, all five cats gave chase to a lone mouse. The last time a mouse had appeared, maybe a month ago, Molly had gently grabbed it by the tail with her mouth, and then looked at me with a confused expression, as if to say, "OK, now what am I supposed to do with this wiggly toy!?" This time, all five spent about a half hour terrorizing the poor thing, but never being able to actually catch it. I finally got tired of the cats trashing the house as they sped around, crashing into absolutely everything, and seeing as all six parties were thoroughly exhausted by the extended chase, I was able to easily catch the mouse myself and take it outside to let it escape into the woods.

Speaking of exhausted cats, right now, Pepper's snoring so loudly that he keeps waking up Alpo.
Tags: alpo, blog, lady, marketing, molly, outsourcing, pepper, sak, tech support, tiger, webdev
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