David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Don't be the rocks; be the water!

It figured; the day I wanted to start posting some jobs to oDesk, they have a partial meltdown, where that particular ability was unavailable for a good chunk of the day. Ah, well. Once everything seemed to be back and running, I posted the first job, and got 13 applicants within five minutes, for as low as US$0.50/hour (from Bangladesh).

The seller of the new computer had thought that the issue was a failed Windows 7 installation, and so he had sent us CD's to reinstall. Time lost, about a week. Now he thinks its a hard drive failure, and he's shipping out a replacement. So, it'll be another week, and no guarantee that that'll resolve it. We'll see.

Three minor issues with my left leg this past week: The inside (back) of my knee has been "tightening" in recent weeks, gradually getting more noticeable. Cat Lady lent me a knee brace, and that seems to help things, but it's not completely gone, yet. Unrelated, I had gotten a tiny splinter in my left foot, and I wasn't able to find it at the surface to remove it, but thankfully, it worked itself out after two or three days. Then, thanks to those two points, I've been walking slightly differently on that side, and so I've felt minor pains around the ankle.

Some drama with Alpo. As soft and affectionate as he is, the cat still definitely has mental issues.
Tags: alpo, cat lady, computer, health, outsourcing, sak
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