David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff


There was quite a range in work quality from the six contractors selected for recent outsourcing. I'm continuing to work with the top person as I build out the SafeAmericanKids.com project. Good progress, good use of time. It of course also helps that this new computer doesn't take hours to perform simple tasks.

Speaking of which, most aspects of this new machine are going well, as expected. I still have about three issues which I hope to address shortly:

1. Some driver questions, e.g., how to install the one that doesn't have a setup program included.

2. I got a new set of headphones, but only one side has sound. Not yet sure if it's the computer or the headset.

3. A very odd "smearing" of small parts of the screen. It's not the monitor, as it can always be corrected by changing tasks or tabs and then returning to rewrite the screen. I found that I can also screencap it, which I actually didn't expect to work, given its apparent self-healing nature:
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Tags: computer, outsourcing, sak
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