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David Beroff


Started my last week at the day-job under full-time status. Due to the holiday and the rules that they have in order to collect double-time-and-a-half, I'll be working a full eight hours per day for the next three days. Some holidays are dead, but the phones just kept ringing today, mostly due to a new experiment they're trying where most people were able to take off, leaving the rest of us slammed with calls. It'll be my last time to make ~$300/day as an employee there, so I might as well.

It's supposed to go into the 30's tonight, and the 20's tomorrow. C'mon, it's almost June, people!

Update on my own business activities:

SafeAmericanKids.com continues to move surprisingly well. I now have four deals on the table, with potential to make about $1,600 profit total if they all close. Even if only two or three complete, it'll be a good proof of concept, and there'll be enough income to reinvest into a second, larger marketing campaign. Maybe I can double the numbers by July.

Good progress on Learn-the-Secret.info, too. I set up hosting with Stephen Pickering again, since this one could need the power of Rackspace's servers like AboutTh.is will. I'm on page 61 (of 252) of Nick Chou's book for this business model. He's highly detailed, which is great when I'm not familiar with a concept, and I sorta skim when I am. I also get the distinct sense that he was very rigorous with his measurements, and that he could support every single statistic that he mentions with his own research. Despite his own protest that he didn't do well with math in school, I think earlier discipline helped yield good results for him, so I'm more likely to trust his numbers.

As intended, no current progress on AboutTh.is as I ramp up income streams. I won't use the "residual" adjective there, as it's not my intent to put in zero ongoing effort, but I certainly intend on outsourcing as much as possible.

I'm trying something in Firefox 21.0 (Options > Options > Advanced > General > Browsing > uncheck "Use hardware acceleration when available") to see if that's the cause of the screen smearing problem. Too early to tell for sure, but so far, I haven't seen it. If someone wants to Google that to see if I'm on the right track, please lemme know; thanks.

Oh, and one other very tiny business idea came to me today, but I'm not even sure it'll yield minimum wage here in the States. Plus it's boring as h*ll. Still, I have two people testing it for a week to see if it's even worthwhile. Let me know if you want to get in and give it a whirl; you keep 100% of the gross, and I'll set you up for free, in exchange for reporting some basic stats back to me.
Tags: computer, lts, mtat, outsourcing, sak, scranton, tech support, weather
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