David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Who needs a headline when the entire ARTICLE fits into a single tweet?


New York got three feet of snow on Sunday. That's the state to our immediate north, if anyone wasn't aware. And June starts on Saturday. Are there still people out there who think that global warming's a myth?

Just finished three consecutive eight-hour days at the day-job. Feels a lot tougher, now that I'm used to just four. ;-) Tomorrow's my final official day as a full-time employee, though it'll be four hours of actual work.

The device that Cat Lady has on her car to track driving behavior for her insurance doesn't really "know" that she and I are sharing it, but you can clearly see the differences on the website's detailed views. It'd almost be better if one could configure multiple profiles. I'm also thinking that there might be a market for something that'd make various sounds which change for certain events like sharper decelerations and higher speeds, so that one could gradually learn to avoid them naturally, in order to get better insurance rates, (and, oh yeah, be a safer driver).
Tags: cat lady, scranton, tech support, twitter, weather
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