David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff


Tuesday night a week ago, after we got back from my folks, I must've pulled something wrong in my neck when I slept, and it'd been in pain ever since. I got a professional neck massage this morning, and that took care of 80% of the problem. Some gentle exercises should take care of the rest.

Cat Lady's pretty bummed. Her prior (second?) digital television adapter had fried after less than two years, she bought a new one to replace it, and that lasted less than a day before it fried, too.

Finished my last shift as a full-time employee.

A few nibbles on the CRX, but no bites, yet.

Integrating PayPal into SafeAmericanKids.com.
Tags: cat lady, crx, health, sak, tech support
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