David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Pretty. Cheap.

One of my prior minor grumbles was that, even though I'm able to write well, I'd never been able to produce a website that was "pretty". I know how good design should look; I could just never publish it. So, for this project, I decided to use a CSS template to give me the "pretty", and try adapting that to what I need. I think it worked out exactly as intended; I'm happy with the result. Learn-the-Secret.info still has a lot of rough edges, broken links, and so on, but it's basically all there.

I was also able to create this incredibly cheaply. (Are you allowed to adjectivize an adverb? Or verbify a noun?) I had actually purchased all 42 of the site's articles (for $7.05) several months before I even knew how I was going to use them. (I imply, but never state, that I wrote the content, even though I could do so as per the purchase license.) I outsourced the manual conversion of the original RTF-format content to HTML for $5.56. I got the pretty site design for free. Domain registration is $3.17/year and hosting is $4.99/month. (I could get hosting for even less, but this is part of a larger project that'll need some firepower later.) I stitched together all of the back-end technical parts (CSS and PHP, but no WordPress or even MySQL) for free, of course, and Cat Lady will be donating her proofreading skills to find all of the various formatting issues that were introduced from multiple translation steps. So, a total of only $20.77 initial cash outlay. :-)
Tags: cat lady, lts, outsourcing, webdev
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