David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Willie Crawford asked me for a status update...

Hi, Willie, great to hear from you! Thanks for asking!

My day-job employer certainly did their very best in trying to keep me full time, showering me with gifts like free food, clothing, an iPad Mini, and an all-expense-paid trip for two to St. Thomas for being a top performer, with a highlight of swimming with a very large sea lion. Still, I kept my resolve, and transitioned to a half-time employment arrangement with them last month, so I can spend more time investing in my own business.

In an effort to build some intermediate-term income streams, I purchased two different WSO business plans. Both of them are showing promise and potential as I continue to invest time to build them, but the truth is that neither one has yet generated one cent of actual cash. Still, I don't want to get into a trap of pursuing any activity which yields income only in direct exchange for my time, or I'll effectively just end up trading one job for another, and not make any forward progress. Thus, I'm ok with business plans that don't yield immediate cash if there's some reasonable expectation of generating future ongoing income from my time today.

As intended, not much current progress on AboutTh.is while I stabilize income. But surprisingly, stepping away a bit has given me opportunities for some creative bursts, such as the start of a good sales letter, more clarity on who my various target audiences are for the site, and the basic structure of how I can use crowdfunding to launch the site (working with those same audiences).

I hope everything is going well for you, too! Again, thank you for your kind, ongoing interest, Willie!
Tags: crowdfunding, lts, marketing, mtat, sak, tech support, travel
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