David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff


Can't fall asleep, despite being tired, so I guess I'll blog. And eat one and a half avocados.

I titled this post, "Resolutions...", because I'll show how a couple of earlier outstanding matters were completed, but now that I think about it, that's also the word one uses at the beginning of the year to start making changes, so... which is it?

It took a month, but I finally sold the CRX. Selling a used car is never straight-forward.

It took two months, but Cat Lady finally got her stone wall rebuilt. The crew also removed all the remaining pieces of the car that had smashed into it.

I've been putting off an eye exam, so when I lost a contact lens a few days ago due to a coughing spell, I made a quick decision to just accept that the lens was gone, rather than search for it and get to work late. The doctor appears to have recently graduated, but she's incredibly thorough and competent, and she was very helpful. I'm going to give soft lenses a try, although she explained that they'd have to craft two slightly different curves (for horizontal vs. vertical) to correct for astigmatism, and then weight the bottom of the lens to prevent rotation. Seems like a lot of work, when rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses can alter the shape of the cornea directly, correcting for astigmatism, and allowing for rotation.

I told her about my very first contact lens doctor, who still remembered the days of glass contacts. He also stated (not sure if it was true) that both contacts rotate in the same direction, where I would've expected either opposite directions for the two eyes, or simply random directions.

On the business side, I've been learning about the Google Maps API so I can help clients find the best sponsorship opportunities for their businesses. I'm also finding out how to change my "Buy Now" buttons to instead use PayPal's own shopping cart, so as to allow multiple sponsorships to be purchased in the same transaction.

OK, enough blogging; let's try sleeping again.
Tags: blog, cat lady, crx, health, map, sak
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