David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Email from website, continued

I got the script working right, error handling, delayed refresh, etc., testing it on a RackSpace domain. In order to get the same script working on GoDaddy, I had to install PEAR and a handful of its dependencies, along with securing its directory and supplementing the PHP include path. (At least this all can be done without shell access now-a-days.) After all that, it's looking like Rackspace may simply not allow SMTP access from outside of their own network. Not that I'd blame them, but still kinda annoying, given that it is using secure SMTP authentication, (and thus, presumably little risk).

Ah, well; not a huge deal, as I can always fall back to running the script directly on RackSpace, but it still wouldda been nice if the domain didn't bounce around in the browser address bar; some people do notice that sorta thing.
Tags: sak, webdev
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