David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

"Desquirrelification" is a fun word to say, even if it doesn't exist

I've been playing with Yesware as a way to keep up with sales prospects; so far, so good. It lets you watch who opens your email when and where, and reminds you after X days if anyone drops the ball, in hopes of focus, follow-through and general desquirrelification. :-) Here's a review that calls it "Insanely Easy Email Tracking", and it's completely free for up to 100 tracking events per month.

I've also been playing with boutell's Accountify (again), with the intent of probably using it to manage Member accounts for AboutTh.is. I was originally considering outsourcing the software's necessary port from Pear::DB to PDO, but I'm trying to learn more about PDO anyway, so I'll likely just do the conversion myself, (and then return the updated code back to open source).
Tags: marketing, mtat, sak, sales, webdev
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