David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Up to "Requesting Extra Information" in Accountify

I'm continuing to make progress; I'm up to the "Requesting Extra Information" section of Accountify. Most simpler things were working straight out of the box, but I'm running into little nits as I get deeper into the package. Once I turn on the "custom extensions", even a simple one-liner page is coming up completely empty, with no error message, and I don't have access to the error logs for quick answers. (One downside of Rackspace Cloud Sites, unfortunately.)

I am learning a lot as I go, and it's clear that boutell considered a lot of aspects of user logins; it would've taken more energy to try to cover the same points from scratch. (And yet, if one believes his documentation, that's what most sites do.)

Update: Fixed.
Tags: mtat, webdev
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