David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Building on earlier successes....

Some good interactions with customer support from Rackspace and from Fiverr.

I'll show you my first Fiverr gig as soon as I can get the video posted.

Preparing for another outsourcing, this time for the MySQL stored routines that will manage the AboutTh.is URL manipulation. I'm definitely digging this idea of having the database enforce business rules, referential integrity, and so on.

Also starting to plan a very short NY/NJ family/friends trip around September/October.

I got a nibble on a possible voiceover gig; could prove lucrative. Will prepare the audition this morning.

Toying with possibly using the Museo font by exljbris for the AboutTh.is logo. The only thing I changed here was to touch up the dot and to pull it closer to the h and the i. What do you think?

Tags: fec book, fiverr, marketing, mtat, outsourcing, video creation, voice, webdev

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