David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff


Submitted the voiceover audition. {crosses fingers}

Fiverr nixed my first gig submission, saying it promotes an external website. Well, I guess they're right. {sigh} Can't do much with the updated video, but at least I can put the additional ad copy onto http://TurnFunnyEMAILintoCASH.com ... later.

Played with the potential logo a bit more. Reduced the weight of the first word's font, added a microphone:

Hired the one outsourcer to write some MySQL stored routines. Turns out he's a bit famous. [Auto-translated from Romanian] No idea why he applied for a $5 job, but then again, that's what I'm looking to do with Fiverr, myself, too. :-) He's from Romania, which happens to also be the home of http://AudioR.ec , the software that I'll likely be buying for the actual web-based recording functionality. Hrmm, their logo uses a clip-art microphone, too. :-)
Tags: fec book, fiverr, marketing, mtat, outsourcing, video creation, voice, webdev
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