David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Fleshing out the first "real" logo

I'm feeling pretty good, now that I was finally able to strike an agreement with Chris Yuwono to craft the AboutTh.is logo. After all his work on Turn Funny Email into CASH!, I'm certain he'll do a fantastic job on this. I bought the Museo 900 font by Jos Buivenga (who told me that this is actually his full-time income; wow). I debated publishing the AboutTh.is logo design spec, but then realized that there's nothing to lose by making it public, so I did. :-) I'm not keen on how Google Drive reformats documents when they're made public; you may want to shrink your browser window down a bit to read it. The spec's grown over recent weeks; the original is now up to four pages long.

Update: It just struck me that I had started working on this logo almost two years ago, which actually preceded getting the associated domain name itself by ten months! Absolute confidence? Or sheer stupidity?

shirt sleeves
Tags: fec book, mtat, webdev

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