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370 miles later.... We had a good two days; even added a seventh stop, walking to the Coney Island boardwalk before taking the Q train into Little Italy. The car was having issues starting, which we thought we had licked by replacing the battery when we returned, except it just failed to start again, and I had to call my day-job to let them know I'm running late. Waiting for a friend to give me a boost now.

This was an interesting (and concerning) observation of the consequences of helicopter-parenting:
As I told my neighborhood listserv, when my brother and I got out of the house to do yard work, we were in what you’d call a trade-off situation. We risked our safety, however modestly. But we gained money, work ethic, communication skills, and knowledge. We also got to actually know and interact with our neighbors.

When the folks in my neighborhood try to shut down a burgeoning lawn care enterprise, they’re also in a trade-off situation. They gain some satisfaction in feeling they’ve made children safer. But at what cost?

Well, for starters, a parenting style that abjures risk at all costs may be at least partially responsible for the country’s economic doldrums. In June, the Wall Street Journal pointed out four trends, observable since the 1980s, that showed a marked declined in risk-taking psychology. “Risk Averse Culture Infects U.S. Workers, Entrepreneurs” notes that ongoing job creation and destruction has slowed, that investors are less willing to back startups, that startups in general are down and that the workforce itself is resistant to migration and job change.
Source: What Your Neighborhood List-Serv Tells You About The Demise of America
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