David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Starting issue resolved

Sunday/Monday were a bit stressful. Hadda get another jump to get home from work. Went to the airport to rent a car to get to work. (Upside-down on a pure financial basis, but there's longer-term reputation to be considered.) Cat Lady worked with the mechanics to take a second pass at the car. As I've been suspecting all along, it was an issue with the electrical path from the battery to the starter: the one battery terminal was cracked, and they had missed that when they replaced the battery, and thus, the primary problem persisted. (The original battery was seven years old, and wouldda died soon anyway, so it wasn't so terrible that it had gotten replaced.)

Seeing as the rental agency had stressed that they charge $9.30/gal if not returned full, I made a point to fill up at the closest gas station before the airport. It became obvious that the prior customer had cheated on this point, and I put in over two gallons more than expected. I gently pointed this out to the agent, with proof, and jokingly asked for my $20 back, using the same rate. To her credit, she looked up the MPG, worked the numbers, and credited me $6. After the ~35% taxes (!), it actually came out to around the $8 that I was actually out from the fill. I sorta hope that they do go after the prior guy for the $20, just on principal.
Tags: cat lady, tech support, travel
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