David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Convert video with non-standard dimensions to perpetually-repeating (looping) animated GIF

[I'd been running into a whole bunch of speedbumps trying to do this, so now that I worked it out, I figured I might as well post it here. Part of my problem may have been that this video just happens to be a 3:4 aspect ratio instead of 4:3.]

Sony Vegas Movie Studio
Video Event Pan/Crop
Maintain aspect ratio: yes
Stretch to fill frame: yes

File > Properties:
set width & height, rendering quality good

File > Render as:
Type: .mov (even though Quick Time is much larger, mpeg introduced all sorts of wrong dimensions, aspect ratios, letterboxing, etc.)
Template > Custom

Project tab:
rendering quality: good

Video tab:
frame size: use project settings
frame rate: manually set to 5fps
color depth: 16bpp
quality: 10%

Audio tab:
uncheck include audio

Remove "_(new)" from created file name.
(I'd tried a few others, but they all had some issue. This one just works.)

File > Export
When saving:
uncheck GIF comment
check As animation
check Loop forever (The only feature missing from the above converter.)
Tags: aspect ratio, fin ed game, video creation
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