David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Return to blogging?


Oh, hello, there!  Yes, I guess it has been a while.  Well, the very short story is that I finally found one business model that generates actual income, and I've been focused on that since January.  I'll go into details in a future post, but for right now, I just wanted to let you know of our plans.  Cat Lady and I have been living rather frugally for over a year, and now that some money is (finally) coming in, we wanted to take some of that and apply it toward a much-deserved vacation.

As always, the timing isn't ideal, but I'm rolling with it.  My day-job needed me for all sorts of overtime for the next week for a short-term project, my primary self-employment client has been pushing for a major release, and of course, both need to be done by Wednesday.  Then we're leaving for an 11-day, 800+ mile loop through PA, VA, DC, MD, DE, NJ, and then back to PA.  (See above.)  We'll be spending a few days in Pennsylvania Dutch country and Hershey, staying at two different farms, seeing some friends, rushing through a whirlwind tour of Washington, resting a few more days in Ocean City, MD, and then two nights in Philadelphia.  Seven of the ten nights were arranged via AirBnB, a peer-to-peer alternative to hotels.  (Why, yes, that's an affiliate link, and you'll get a $25 credit if you end up using the service yourself.)  I'll try to microblog to my Twitter account, which in turn should auto-post here as a daily aggregate.  This will be a very animal-oriented trip, featuring horses, cows, alpacas and a duck.
Tags: bic, blog, cat lady, map, tech support, travel
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