David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

My tweets

  • Thu, 13:49: Lititz, PA... Wilbur Choc
  • Thu, 16:49: Despite missing a turn, still managed 2 reach Paradise early. Staying @ Verdant View B&B, a working dairy farm. Calf born this am.
  • Fri, 03:15: Still in Paradise: http://t.co/ZLg1UphrJY Working on MySQL hosting issue. Note 2 self: Man cannot live on wifi alone; he must have power, 2!
  • Fri, 06:51: Been working on MySQL speed issue since 2am. Farm has good wifi & cell coverage. Time 2 milk cows now!
  • Fri, 07:24: SELECT * FROM CALVES ORDER BY BDAY; http://t.co/8foMxpQ9y9
  • Fri, 09:29: Hearty breakfast discussion on raw milk regulation & GMO pro/con.
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