David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Out of ER

We just got back from getting her out of ER. It didn't help that I had gotten stuck at my day-job for over an hour past my nominal departure time. She had apparently been driving everyone at the ER bonkers as she worried about this, even though under normal circumstances she knows to simply trust that almost all late departures are entirely due to a long call.

Physically, she seems in better spirits. By her own admission, though, mentally, she's still pretty... loopy. We're both hoping it's a temporary side effect of her post-surgical meds.

I made myself a Hungry Man meatloaf dinner after she collapsed into bed. Either the meat portion has gotten way smaller over the decades, or it was just my perception as a child was that they were enormous. I'm pretty sure it's mostly the former. It still tastes good, and the veggies are far brighter and more crisp.
Tags: cat lady, health, tech support
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