David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

(Finally) decided to pull the trigger

I've been hesitating as to when to finally give notice at my day-job, but last night there were about three different, unrelated sources of drama, and it gave me new inspiration to take a good hard look at cashflows and timings. I'd been waiting for the one serious, annual bonus, which should hit tomorrow, but I'd also been considering an upcoming, very minor "thanks for showing up for work on time" bonus that's scheduled for mid-May, and I concluded that it's simply not worth an additional two months of pain to wait for the latter, despite the fact that I've actually already earned it.

Thus, I have just decided that in one week, I'll give notice to resign, effective close-of-business April 3. That date and time was derived strictly based on the company's pay-period structure, but Cat Lady pointed out that it will also be the first night of Passover, and that just makes things perfect. It ties together the head-space where I was almost exactly two years ago, when I was struggling with the trade-off of the company's generosity, (including an all-expense-paid incentive trip to the Virgin Islands), with my own need to shift down to half-time, (which I ended up doing that May), so as to transition to full self-employment. At that time, I wrote:

Echoing in my head is the Synagogue.VI Rabbi's association of addiction with slavery when we went to Shabbat ha'Gadol (pre-Passover) services in St. Thomas. He was presumably directing the comment mostly toward physical addictions, but for me, I'm finding that my own addiction is traditional employment, which is proving harder and harder to shake as the day-job relationship builds. :-(
Tags: cat lady, earning, judaism, mind, mtat, tech support

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