David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

[Citation needed]

So I was learning more about the Valles Caldera, the supervolcano to where my daughter just moved, and I googled "obsidian", one of its flows. For simpler searches, Google has been displaying brief summaries, which is generally fine, except that the third sentence for this particular search's result summary was:
"The most common use for obsidian is in creating nether portals for connecting the Overworld with the Nether."

Really, Google!? You favored a Minecraft (video game) fan site over Wikipedia to describe a basic rock?

This is getting as disturbing as Google News, where the top stories themselves may be relevant, but Google generally favors clicks to no-name, third-world sites that do nothing more than rewrite/spin the articles from the original sources, using thesauri and barely-coherent quasi-English.
Tags: nature, nm, sara, science, webdev
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