David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

How to "download" music from an online synthesizer

(I swear, this is work related!)

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm working on a campaign to promote my voiceover service to video creators. For part of that, I've been trying to put together a sound logo of sorts, and decided to try the following as a music bed.

I started with the last six notes from America, The Beautiful, ("...from sea to shining sea!"):

I looked through a list of online synthesizers, but many of them just plain didn't work. I found one that did, has a sound I liked, and the interface was pretty easy to "program": WebModular Synthesizer from g200kg.com.

I just used one of the presets, "2VCO > 1VCF > 1VCA Basic Patch", and then converted the above sheet music into three separate tracks, (right fingers, right thumb, left hand):

t30 crrg  a>c<g>d c&c&c&c rrrr
t30 crrr  rrrf    e&e&e&e rrrr
t30 crr<g a>c<gg  >c<gc&c rrrr

Since you can only play one line at a time, I added a "C" quarter-note to the beginning of each track as a sort of "clapboard" so I could later synchronize them.

The only real problem was that I couldn't figure out how to download the resulting music from g200kg, so I had to improvise, using CamStudio to capture the audio (and video).

If you do this, there are a few settings that you'll probably need to play with in order to make it work right. In Windows, go to Control Panel > Sound > Recording, and you'll have to enable at least Stereo Mix. If that doesn't even appear, right-click in the white area and Show Disabled and Disconnected Devices. You may have to temporarily disable your "normal" microphone. Then in CamStudio itself, you'll have to fiddle with:

Options > Record audio from speakers (or microphone)
Options > Audio options for Microphone > Audio Capture Device > Stereo Mix

You'll probably get the error message, "WaveoutGetSelectControl() failed.", which apparently means that you have to use the above Stereo Mix approach to capturing the audio.

Then I used Sony Movie Studio Platinum to break out the resulting video into three separate audio tracks. (There are plenty of tools you could use to tease out the audio, including possibly even Zamzar.) Since I was working with video anyway, I figured, why not do the same there, and so I added three video tracks, too. This also gave me a perfect opportunity to learn another method of cropping video, (using Sony's "cookie cutter" effect), as I'd always struggled with doing so in the past. A pinch of track synchronization was needed, and voilà, here's the end result:

America, The Beautiful (1895)
Composer: Samuel Augustus Ward
Lyrics: Katharine Lee Bates
Arranger: Phil Hamm
Audio: WebModular Synthesizer, g200kg.com
Video: David Beroff
Tags: aaa, computer, marketing, music, video, video creation, voice
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