David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

for a single wire...

I've had real good success with my Turtle Beach Ear Force Z11 headset over the last two years. As of late, there's been a single loose wire in the in-line volume control that gives me intermittent audio to my left ear. There was no obvious way to get to that, and today we bit the bullet to go and visit a total of five potential repair people, (plus published a Craigslist post), two of whom appeared to no longer even be in business. It turns out that no one seems to even own a soldering gun any more, and the last guy told us that opening the volume control would almost certainly destroy the innards, i.e., planned obsolescence. {sigh} Given that everything else on the headset is in great working order, I hated to take the step to replace it, but the writing was sort of on the wall. I ordered a reconditioned Turtle Beach Ear Force PX3, (wireless!), and am crossing my fingers. At least I'll have a spare now.

Another important factor here is that I had just completed some large voice recording work. I didn't want to have to change microphones in the middle of a project, as doing so might become apparent.
Tags: computer, voice
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