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Open wide...

My Audible narrator profile has now grown to a third title: Tricks and Treats: Twenty Tales of Gay Terror and Romance. That was a fun project, and the short stories are well written. I should probably get the rights to publish a short teaser with my voice; the one on Audible plays that of one of my associates, (as it's a collection).

It looks like Audible just added a chat widget to their pages, and, (if someone's paying attention), they might notice that I'm looking at three titles which have little in common, other than being narrated by me. :-)

Forgive me if this is somewhat of a repeat, but I posted the following on a Warrior Forum discussion about earthquakes and ground movement:

When I visited my daughter (also a geologist) in Berkeley in 2012, I was able to take this picture:

This is the Hamilton Creek. Like several of the creeks which run perpendicular to the Hayward Fault there, as the two sides of the fault shifted relative to each other over time, the creek path started to follow the fault until it "caught up" with its original path on the other side. So if there are 50 meters between the two right-angle "corners" of the creek path, one can determine that it was very roughly 50 centuries since the creek ran straight at that point.

Put a different way, you are looking at a picture where my two feet are being mercilessly pulled apart at the blistering rate of a meter per century, or 1cm/year. :-)
Tags: california, lgbt, nature, sara, voice
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