David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Minding the Store

One of the major reasons for my last business collapse (leading up to '07) was simply my failing to "mind the store". Things that used to work eventually stopped working, and I didn't have a mechanism to be able to step back and see that. Some would accuse that I was blind to these earlier, smaller failures, and I guess I should plead guilty to that.

Cat Lady has been volunteering to mind the store on two smaller semi-passive activities over recent months, and we're now expanding that role to include managing the Kindle (et. al.) royalties. I just completed the purchase of a second set of ebook titles, and in theory, all that's needed is to make sure that the royalties get paid. But sometimes things go wrong, and sometimes that can be subtle, so it's good to formalize the overview.
Tags: cat lady, earning, kindle, mind
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