David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff


Despite developing for the Web for twenty years, I had never really seen a need to set up a local server on my desktop machine. If I needed to test something, I'd simply set up a play directory on the actual Web server, protect it with basic http authentication, and that would really be enough.

I continue to be very satisfied with the Rackspace Cloud Sites solution, as resold by Stephen Pickering. The problem was that in the last month or so, my MySQL database triggers had gotten more complex than a line or two, and I had to make a handful of changes without having a development environment where I could test things before going live. Rackspace has a policy where stored procedures and triggers have to be submitted to them manually for review before they'll get installed on the database server. This is done so as to protect the shared environment from potential disaster, but it's mildly annoying to have to keep bugging them, (and this case, Stephen, as well), every single time I need to make a minor change.

I met with Agape Montalbo on Upwork, and he was able to help me debug my triggers, and teach me a lot more about how they worked. He suggested that I install XAMPP on my Windows 7 desktop, ("WAMP"), so that I could develop on a working instance of MySQL (as well as Apache and PHP) without any restrictions. I've just done that, and it's pretty neat; I now have a working http://localhost site, and it'll still work even if I unplug the ethernet. :-) I only ran into a few minor hiccups during the install, and I may detail them in a second blog post... or not. :-)
Tags: bic, computer, outsourcing, webdev
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