David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

The Sound of Silence

As a nod to my daughter's blog style, I'll end this post with a music "video", although admittedly, this one was way too easy. :-)

My producer advised that a faint hum has crept into recent recordings, so I've been trying to find and remove (yet more) sources of noise pollution:
  • A cheap electric clock in the next room, which shouldn't have any mechanical parts, and yet, inexplicably made a faint humming. Gone.

  • My desktop's fan, which had been extremely silent, but perhaps due to summer's heat had revved up half a notch. So I broke everything down, and now the computer lives underneath my desk instead of on top of it. Further away, and should also be slightly cooler there. Seems to help a pinch. I may still add some Auralex down there to further isolate it.

  • My "ghetto" kitty-litter-jug microphone mount seems to be picking up a bit of vibration; its sides may be acting as (microphone) diaphragms. Time to upgrade to something more professional. For the immediate short-term, let's try a full jug instead of an empty one!

  • I also keep meaning to treat more of the ceiling with some simple packing foam; guess it's time for that, too.

I must be getting closer to the ideal. When I tried just holding the mic, (instead of using the mount), it picked up the creaking of my bones, and even my own heartbeat:

(And yes, I checked: The song title uses "Sound", singular. The album used the plural. The YouTube video title is technically wrong, even though the album cover graphic is right.)
Tags: audio, sara, video, voice
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