David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Vacations always end too soon

Working backwards....

We got home this evening in five hours, with some mild traffic in spots. Nothing outrageous. Due to a bit of a miscommunication, our cat-sitter friends arrived shortly after we did, but it was all good; we had a very nice visit with them.

Today was going to be Historic Smithville, but we changed gears this morning, and decided to head straight home instead.

This morning, I had a crab and asparagus omelette at the Pirates Den, and yesterday, my "Kojak's" omelette was stuffed with feta cheese, spinach, onions, and well-marinated Greek olives at the Macedonian Grill. Wow! :-)

Yesterday morning, I got out to watch the sunrise over the Atlantic, with hopes of (finally) seeing the Green flash, but alas, the weather report was woefully wrong, and instead, I watched a thunderstorm rolling over the ocean. So we spent most of the day inside.

Wednesday was a driving tour of Atlantic City. We were hardly surprised to find it to be a rather sad, pale echo of its former self. The one bright spot was when we ventured out to the Boardwalk, and caught the "Love Tram". Our conductor Dewitt is quite the character, and strives to engage everyone on the tram, as well as anyone else on the Boardwalk within the reach of his voice. It was a bit of a history lesson, a bit of silliness, and he even managed to get a bunch of us strangers to sing a few songs together. At only $2 a ride, it's easily the best entertainment value in the city!
Tags: cat lady, nature, travel
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