David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Screen Capture

The rush job involves capturing my browser screen for a video. After years of happily using (and promoting) the free CamStudio software, it had started getting buggier and buggier, to the point of not working at all, and newer versions involuntarily installed adware and malware (as per Kaspersky), so it was high time to find a replacement.

I tried FFmpeg, but couldn't figure out how to run it. I'm sure that I'm capable of doing so, given enough time to read and comprehend their documentation, but life's way too short, and I have work to do. Plus, I must admit that I've grown weary of techies that stress the technical innards and obscure features of a given system, without ever giving much thought to the end-users, who usually simply want to use the product.

Then I got ShareX, which actually uses FFmpeg under the covers, but that fact's pretty much invisible to me, as an end-user. ShareX has a bunch of extra features that I don't need, but it seems to easily be able to record a browser session to an MP4 with just a few clicks, which is perfect for me.
Tags: audio, computer, video creation
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