David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Business begets business

I got three more voice acting jobs since I last posted, with another one in the wings. I've become pretty convinced that the algorithm that Upwork uses to present job applicants to potential clients takes into account a factor of "what have you done for me lately?". It's clearly not a coincidence that the more business I get from them, the more business I get from them. :-) And yes, I did nudge my rate up in response.

Unrelated, I've been reporting quite a barrage of bugs to Upwork. The new chat system that they rolled in to replace the old oDesk messaging system, (which worked perfectly fine, thank-you-very-much), appears to no longer be optional, which I suspect is part of the reason for the increased load. (Well, that, and them shutting down the Elance platform in favor of the Upwork brand, as well. That probably worked just fine, too.)

But still, it's not just load. Many of the bugs that I'm reporting seem to be directly related to the oDesk/Upwork concept of sub-profiles, where I have to log in separately to work as a Client or as a Worker. Not only is that annoying for me, (because I actively work in both roles, and can't quickly switch), it seems that the chat team wasn't quite aware of this duality when they originally designed the system. It's also odd that it's been months since this chat thing was launched, and some of these issues seem to be newly introduced, or at least unearthed.
Tags: earning, outsourcing, software, voice, webdev

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