David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

You win some, you lose some

Two unrelated clients both cancelled large-ish jobs mid-stream in the last week; very frustrating. Not sure I'll get paid for work performed already. Yeah, it's all part of the game, but two of these back-to-back sort-of smarts, to the tune of about $600 total.

So, we're in Cockeysville, north of Baltimore, for four days. Sara's the lead author on two publications, (her first times as lead), and we're here to hear her presentations, not that we really understand much of them, but it's exciting none-the-less. We only get to see her for about ten minutes each day; we knew this in advance. The rest of our time, we're playing tourist, although much of tourist-Baltimore shuts down for the winter after October. Many of the neat things that we'd wanted to do simply aren't available, although we're finding some alternatives. e.g., We've been playing "Spot the Geologist", of which there are hundreds, if not thousands, in town this week. (They're supposed to remove their badges when they leave the building, although we haven't quite figured out why yet... anti-geologist backlash??) Public transit is incredibly cheap, although it comes with its typical tradeoffs. One bus that we thought would be a 15 minute ride ended up taking two hours; the upside is that we ended up getting to see a lot of the city, and we couldn't beat the price of "free".

Our Cockeysville home is absolutely gorgeous, and right down the road from the light-rail into the city. We ended up renting the whole house for far less than the price of a room, thanks to AirBnB, of course. The original plan had anticipated as many as five of us staying here, but that fell through. Our host is actually staying across the street, although we've yet to physically meet her. She seems very nice; maybe we'll finally see her today.

Today's plan is to spend most of the day on the water taxis with an old college friend; should be fun.
Tags: cat lady, earning, sara, travel, voice
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