David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

Clients can be silly, too

I found a job posting on Upwork, which reads, in its entirety:
We here at old McDonald translation, seek to employ a young Caucasian.
tall, small, smart, dumb-and like to have a lot of fun!
must be willing to rhyme each sentence, to make it as our young apprentice.

I doubt it's serious, but figured it couldn't hurt to apply, thusly:
As you requested, my skin is white,
but that don't matter, s'long as the job's done right!

My translations from Gibberish to English are out of sight,
'Cuz most Johnny Clients can't spell, nor even write.

My voiceovers are deep and clear, delivered under the wire,
Now it's your turn, Mr. McDonald, so just click "hire"!
Tags: creative, outsourcing, voice

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