David Beroff (d4b) wrote,
David Beroff

(tap, tap) ... Is this thing still on?

I'm flying out on Wednesday to spend a week in New Mexico with my daughter and her husband.

Wunderground offers ten-day forecasts, which I take with a grain of salt, since it's very hard to accurately predict weather even a few days out. Still, they've been consistently showing a snowstorm here that morning, ever since the 17th appeared on the ten-day horizon. The amount of snow has fluctuated wildly, with as much as a foot predicted at one point, but it hasn't gone away completely at any point. It's ironic that, a few months ago, my concern was the snow in New Mexico in February, (especially as the plan had called for camping at one point), but their weather has cleared up considerably in the last two weeks or so, at least at the lower altitudes.

Altitude. That's the other concern. Lack of oxygen was enough to prompt Cat Lady to beg off of this trip; it'll be our first time apart in the almost six years we've been together. As soon as I land in Albuquerque, at 5,300', I'll immediately be going to take a cable/ski-lift vehicle up to the top of Mt. Sandia, at 10,300'. (I had to schedule an eight-hour layover between flights there, so I figured I'd leave the airport and make the best of it.) So I've been ramping up my daily exercise for the past two months, and I also decided to try using some leftover Theravent nose filters to reduce oxygen flow for the next few days, in an attempt to pre-acclimate my lungs.
Tags: cat lady, sara, travel
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